Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Play of the Day is from the triangle offense - normally called the blind pig action - it is a great option when the wing player is overplayed...once the strong side triangle is established the weak side forward flashes to elbow for catch and 2 guard makes backdoor cut looking for lay up, and then off the double screen on the opposite side...the secondary option is for the 2 man to stop at the strong side block for a post up via elbow drop from the 4 man...

Option 1

1 establishes strong side triangle - 2 is denied...4 flashes to weak side elbow...2 makes back door cut for layup and out off opposite double screen...1 follows for 2 man game with 4.

Option 2

Another option is if there is a mismatch possibility in the post - 2 makes back door cut and snaps back to strong side block for elbow drop from 4.

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